Sounds like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith getting drunk at Mardi Gras and playing with accordions and washboards.

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Mr Po Boy New Orleans

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Bon Temps Zydeco


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A Zydeco tribute to Classic Rock that's more fun than Mardi Gras

“Zydeco All Night” is a tribute album like you've never heard before– 10 classic rock songs played by the zydeco band Zydecosis.

Can you imagine what Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith would have sounded like if they had formed the band in South Louisiana? Would “Walk This Way” be as kick-ass if it was played with an accordion? Would "Whole Lotta Love" rock as hard with a washboard solo?

Can you imagine that? Yea, neither could Zydecosis. Which is exactly why they had to do it. So they took 10 rock-n-roll classics and turned them into something totally unimagined.

You don’t have to be from Louisiana to get the feeling. It’s all on the new CD by Zydecosis – “Zydeco All Night”. An amazing collection of classic rock tunes played with a hard-partying zydeco style.

 “Zydeco All Night” is the most unique sounding classic rock tribute album.

You’ve probably been listening to great classic rock for years. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, and Aerosmith are probably in your CD collection right now. Great music, right?

But “Zydeco All Night” takes a look at all these classic songs in a way that's never been imagined before. Their perspective is so unusual that you better prepare yourself for a big surprise, a positively fun one.

“Zydeco All Night” takes you on a trip. In a single moment you will find yourself in the middle of  a zydeco party that's more fun than Mardi Gras. You will be partying hard to the tunes that made classic rock classic....zydeco style!!!

So how the hell does it sound? Glad You asked!

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